January 12, 2018
I wish you all a happy new year!
Bram and me started this year being busy and the outcome is this new video:

November 19, 2017
I'm happy to be able to present the first output of New String Theory, a re-recording, new arrangement and videoclip of my song Smile! ...and there is more to come!

September 22, 2017
Yesterday Bram and I finished the recordings of our first song. Now it's time for mixing the stuff and finally shoot a video. We can't wait till it's done. It already feels and sounds awesome. Besides that, two more songs are in the make.

August 23, 2017
Welcome to my new homepage! It was high time to create something new. Still needs some tuning, but soon it'll be completely finished and I'll be able to provide new information about what's going on in my guitarists-life. So far I can tell you, that I have teamed-up with Dutch guitar wizard Bram Bokken. We got to know each other when we studied music at the conservatory in Arnhem/The Netherlands, back then in the 90's and we lost contact after. A few years ago we met on a party and talked about jammin' together. A few months ago it finally happened and we both felt a good chemistry playing-wise and also in mindset. It soon became very clear, we must connect beyond just jammin'. Currently we're recording a song of mine which is planned to be followed by a video clip. I can't wait to finally let you hear the output of our first collaboration. More very soon!

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BENJAMIN SCHIPPRITT is an enthusiastic and passionate musician since 1983. His main instruments and base of musical thinking are the electric and western acoustic guitar, but he also enjoys singing and playing electric bass guitar, as well as producing, recording and mixing music in his studio. Spending a whole lifetime around his guitar, developing a virtuos playing style and completing a full-time jazz guitar study at the Institute for the Arts in The Netherlands, he always got a strong beating heart for rock music. His creative song-writing and contributions cover many different styles of music and manage to perfectly fit that rocking attitude. Besides being a live- and studio-musician, he's utterly passionate about guitar teaching.

How it all started and went on

Born in Gelsenkirchen, a town in the industrial Ruhr district in western Germany, BENJAMIN started playing electric guitar at the age of 11 in 1983 when he lived in Hamburg. First inspired by Angus Young of AC/DC, in the mid 80s he was really blown away by guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen and Vinnie Moore, and practiced many hours a day. Very soon he formed his first hard rock schoolbands called FLANGER and HARD NOISE, and also a family band, with his father on bass guitar and mother on drums. In 1987 he started to record his first instrumental demo tape on a 4-track multitrack-recorder.

Moving back to the Ruhr district, in 1990 BENJAMIN became a member of rock band SHINE DARK from Gladbeck for a short period of time. A year later his own heavy metal band TAILGUNNER was formed. They played lots of gigs in the Ruhr district and they won several band contests. A production of an album, which unfortunately never was completed followed. In 1993 those unfinished recordings however accidentally ended up in the hands of JÖRG MICHAEL, drummer of the German metal-band RUNNING WILD. At that time he was in the recording studio with his Art-Metal side-project HOUSE OF SPIRITS, recording an album and they were looking for a guitar player. BENJAMIN joined the band and recorded two studio albums with them, besides working as a studio guitarist.

In 1994 he recorded a 5-songs instrumental demo tape with his 8-track tape reel machine, and got jazz-guitar lessons from German guitarist ANDREAS WAHL. In 1996 he started a fulltime jazz-study at the INSTITUTE FOR THE ARTS ARNHEM in The Netherlands. BENJAMIN's guitar teachers were ONNO KELK and FRANK SICHMANN and he learned more than he could ever imagine he would. During this time he was guitarist and composer of the projects LE VOYAGE NOIR (acoustic folk/pop), and ELVISBOY (hard rock). ELVISBOY recorded a complete album BETTER LEARN MY NAME of which BENJAMIN was the guitarist, bass-player, composer, arranger, producer and engineer.

During his study in Arnhem, he founded the METAL-FUSION band ZPAWN with other students. In 2001 BENJAMIN also formed the FUSION TRIO FROM HELL - JUNK FARM and started with the idea to become also the vocalist of both bands. In 2005 Zpawn broke up, because none could find enough time to keep it going.

Junk Farm had the opportunity to support prog-metal-bands FATES WARNING and FREAK KITCHEN in 2005. In 2007 BENJAMIN signed at UNICORN DIGITAL INC., a Canadian progressive rock label, for a worldwide release of the Junk Farm album UGLY LITTLE THING. In 2009 they published their 2nd album DIDN'T COME TO DANCE.

Since 2010 BENJAMIN lives in the Netherlands. Over the whole time BENJAMIN has given lots of guitar lessons and loves the opportunity to impart his knowledge about what you can do with six "magic" strings and his passion for music. Always amazed by realizing, that a lifetime is not enough to learn to play everything on that fantastic instrument.

Besides working on a solo album and a acoustic guitar show, BENJAMIN has teamed up with great Dutch guitarist BRAM BOKKEN.


New String Theory

Bram and me have first met each other some 20 years ago. Every now and then our paths accidentally crossed. Some years ago when it happened again we thought it was time to meet for some guitar-shredding-session. Somehow it actually took another 2 1/2 years to make it happen. We had so much fun then and we both immediately knew, we should take it more seriously and create some great guitar driven music together.

Check out our first output, a re-recording, new arrangement and videoclip of my song Smile! ...and there is more to come!

Check also the official website of New String Theory:
New String Theory

Fotos by Mariëtte van Hees


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